Friday, February 8, 2013

Selenobrachys philippinus (Philippine Orange Tarantula)

Selenobrachys philipinus or the Philippine Orange Tarantula, this specie is only found on Panay and Negros Island., this is the most beautiful tarantula that can be found at Philippines, this specie is known to be a burrower.

Tarantula Information
Regions Found: Panay, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Class:Old world
Longevity:Fast Grower, 2-4years
Adult Size:5-6inches
Temperament:Very Defensive
Urticating Hairs:No.
Venom Potency:Same as a bee sting
Selenobrachys philippinus Housing Requirements
Tarantula Housing:Floor space is more important than height, a deep substrate should be provided for burrowing. A good retreat is required.
Special Requirements:Slightly damp Substrate
Selenobrachys philippinus Diet
Livefood insects such as cricketsmealwormssuperwormshouseflies and other Small insects


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